Does my student need Immunizations?

Immunizations, also called vaccinations, are one of the greatest achievements in public health. Vaccines prevent disease in people who receive them. Additionally, if enough people in the community are vaccinated, the entire community can be protected because there is little opportunity for an outbreak to occur.

Wisconsin State Statute 252.04 states "Any student admitted to any elementary, middle, junior, or senior high school or into any child care center or nursery school shall, within 30 school days after the date on which the student is admitted, present written evidence to the school, child care center, or nursery school of having completed the first immunization for each vaccine required for the student's grade and being on schedule for the remainder of the basic and recall (booster) immunization series for mumps, measles, rubella (German measles), diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), poliomyelitis, tetanus, and other diseases that the department specifies by rule or shall present a written waiver under sub." This means that all students through grade 12 must meet a minimum number of required immunizations prior to school entrance or waive the requirement for health, religious or personal conviction reasons.

To determine the immunizations your student needs please review the Student Immunization Law; this document includes the age and grade requirements for schools in the state of Wisconsin. Please note that boosters are required throughout your students school year; for more information, please review the Tdap Requirements for Middle and High School Students.


To help us best care for your student and others at school:
• A Student Immunization Record MUST be completed with either the dates that your student received the immunizations and/or that the student will not receive the immunizations for health, religious or personal conviction reasons.