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July 23 2020

Re-Entry Framework for the 2020-21 School Year

As the Cedar Grove-Belgium School District  plans for the start of the 2020-21 school year, we are committed to keeping our families, staff, students, and community members informed. While there are still many uncertainties regarding what the school year will look like, we are hard at work to ensure our students continue to have access to a high-quality educational experience. 

The CGB guiding principles are health, safety, learning, flexibility, and equity. 

This re-entry framework serves as a tentative plan for the reopening of our schools. The document will evolve in time and more specifics will be added. This document was last updated July 16, 2020.

  • To promote a healthy and safe return to school, students and staff will be asked to adhere to social distancing practices. In situations in which social distancing cannot take place, students and staff will wear face coverings. This will help ensure in-person instruction can continue throughout the school year. 


  • Virtual school options, led by our district certified staff, will be provided for all families.

  • Details on this option will be forthcoming.

  • Families choosing the virtual school option will contact respective building principals by a date to be determined in August.  


  • Our custodial staff will significantly increase the disinfecting of public spaces and high-touch surfaces across our buildings and throughout the school day. We will also provide greater access to cleaning materials for our teachers and staff so that they can clean and disinfect spaces, as needed.

  • Each evening, our custodial team will conduct a thorough cleaning of our spaces, again disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

  • The district has purchased a Clorox 360/disinfecting machine that will be used to sanitize district spaces. 


  • Students’ and staff members’ temperatures will be taken. 

  • Efforts will be made to keep students in cohorts to limit the number of individuals with which students are in contact.

  • Efforts will be made to create one-way directions or designated areas in schools to maintain social distancing.

  • Middle and high school students will largely use backpacks instead of lockers to limit hallway congestion. 

  • The number of lunch periods will be increased to limit the number of students in the cafeterias at one time. 

  • All students may receive additional breaks, including outdoor time whenever possible. 

  • Traffic patterns between classrooms and other spaces in our schools will be adjusted to avoid large groups of students gathering in one location. 

  • Arrival and dismissal procedures will be developed to maximize social distancing. 

  • Students with fevers over 100.4 degrees will be directed to a designated area to control the possible spread of the virus.

  • Clear shields will be installed to protect office staff. 

  • Protective clothing covers and specialized face coverings and shields will be provided for staff working in high-risk situations with students.

  • Additional staffing needs will be evaluated as our planning moves forward. 

  • Students and staff will be instructed with proper handwashing techniques. Teachers may allow for more breaks to give students the opportunity to wash their hands.  

  • Touchless water bottle filler stations will be installed. Students are encouraged to bring personal water bottles for use throughout the day.



  • At this time, we plan to offer athletics and extracurricular activities in the fall semester. Activities, practices, and schedules may need to be modified to ensure students remain physically distanced and can maintain proper hygiene. 

  • Each activity will look a little different. Coaches and advisors will be able to provide students and families with more information. 


  • We are working closely with our contracted transportation provider, Johnson School Bus Service. Plans will be forthcoming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will students be able to attend in-person classes this fall?

At this time, we are planning to welcome students and staff back into our buildings for in-person learning at the start of the school year. However, we may need to adjust our school schedules to accommodate physical distancing, avoid large groups of students gathering in certain areas, and ensure we can properly clean and disinfect our facilities.  

We are also preparing a hybrid model in case in-person learning needs to be adjusted due to a change in the status of COVID-19 in our community. We will continue to update our school district community on how teaching and learning will look as we get closer to the first day of school.

Will a virtual option be available for my child?

Yes. Virtual learning will be led by our certified district staff in coordination with learning and activities occurring onsite.

Will students and staff need to wear masks? 

Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings and/or other personal protective equipment when social distancing cannot be maintained.

My child does not have a mask, what should I do? 

The school district will provide all students and staff with one washable mask at the beginning of the school year. Additional masks can be purchased from school if needed. Students are encouraged to have more than one mask in case one is misplaced or needs to be washed.

How will the district ensure physical distancing takes place in school buildings?

We are implementing a number of measures to ensure students remain socially distanced. These measures include, but are not limited to, additional space between seats, smaller class sizes, movement of students as cohort groups, and schedule modifications.

How will the district monitor staff and student health?

Any student or staff member who is feeling ill will be required to immediately report symptoms to the school nurse or designated staff member. Our nurse or designated school staff members will operate under a standard procedure for addressing situations in which an individual is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. The individual in question will remain isolated and anyone with a fever greater than 100.4 degrees will be sent home immediately.

I am not yet comfortable sending my child to school. Can I have them continue with virtual learning?

Yes. We will offer a virtual-only learning option for families. We are also considering how we would allow students to arrange for re-entry to school for onsite learning. More information about this option will be forthcoming.

What should I do if my child starts to exhibit flu-like symptoms?

Staff and parents of students exhibiting flu-like symptoms are asked to contact their healthcare provider. Any individual experiencing these symptoms should not come to school until symptoms are completely gone. Protocols for handling students and staff with symptoms will be addressed according to the guidelines provided by the Department of Health.

If my child needs to stay home due to being quarantined, or because of sickness, can he/she attend classes virtually until he/she is able to return to school?

Yes, students will be able to access virtual instruction when out of school due to quarantine or illness.

How will the district clean buildings, rooms and surfaces to ensure a safe learning environment?

The district will implement enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols to help keep students, staff, and families safe while COVID-19 remains with us. Our custodial staff will significantly increase the wiping down and disinfecting of public spaces and high-touch surfaces throughout the school day. We will also provide greater access to cleaning materials for our teachers and staff so that they can clean and disinfect spaces, as needed.  Each evening, our custodial team will conduct a thorough cleaning of our spaces, again disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

Will there be physical education classes?

We plan to offer physical education classes in the 2020-21 school year. All efforts will be made to ensure physical distancing takes place during these classes. Physical education instructors will engage students in no-contact sports and activities, while avoiding activities in which students need to be close together. As a district, we made this decision to help ensure our students continue to get adequate exercise during a time at which a healthy lifestyle can help protect individuals from serious illness.

Will students be able to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities? 

Yes, we plan to offer athletics and extracurricular activities in the fall semester. However, activities, practices, and schedules may need to be modified to ensure students remain physically distanced and can maintain proper hygiene. Each activity will look a little different, and coaches and advisors will be able to provide students and families with more information. 

It remains possible that some or all of our athletic seasons may be restricted or shortened. This will depend largely on decisions made by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association and the Big East Conference. These decisions are also subject to change during the season depending on the status of COVID-19 in our state and region.

Will the district close schools if a certain number of students or staff report illnesses?

The district is preparing for situations in which school buildings need to close due to a significant number of students or staff testing positive for COVID-19 or reporting other illnesses. We are also planning for the need to close buildings if there is a considerable increase in COVID-19 cases in our state or region. We will follow guidelines and recommendations from the Department of Health.

What are the district’s plans for transitioning back to remote learning if schools need to be closed again in the future?

If extended school closures become necessary during the school year, the district will be ready to quickly transition to virtual learning. Using the experience from last spring, our staff will continue to improve our virtual learning instruction and transition to this platform when necessary. Our administrators, teachers, and staff continue to make great progress in planning for this scenario. 

We will provide more information on exactly what this process will look like as we get closer to the start of the school year. 



Estimados padres / tutores de CG-B: 

Como el Distrito Escolar Cedar Grove-Bélgica planea comenzar el año escolar 2020-21, nos cometemos a mantenerlo informado. Si bien todavía hay algunas incertidumbres sobre cómo será el próximo año escolar, estamos trabajando arduamente para garantizar que nuestros estudiantes continúen teniendo acceso a una experiencia educativa de alta calidad. 

En este momento, planeamos reabrir nuestros edificios escolares a todos los estudiantes, cinco días a la semana. A medida que lo hagamos, haremos algunas modificaciones a nuestras rutinas para evitar que grandes grupos de personas se reúnan en cualquier espacio. También implementaremos distanciamiento físico, protocolos de limpieza mejorados y otras medidas para proteger la salud y el bienestar de nuestros estudiantes, personal y familias. 

Las siguientes son algunas piezas clave del marco creado con los aportes de nuestra reciente encuesta de distrito. Puede encontrar un documento de preguntas frecuentes y los resultados de la encuesta aquí.  (

Regreso a la escuela

Para promover un regreso saludable y seguro a la escuela, se les pedirá a los estudiantes y al personal que se adhieran a las prácticas de distanciamiento social. En situaciones en las que el distanciamiento social no puede llevarse a cabo, se les pedirá a los estudiantes y al personal que se cubran la cara. Esto ayudará a garantizar que la instrucción en persona pueda continuar durante todo el año escolar. Se proporcionará una opción de escuela virtual, dirigida por nuestro personal certificado del distrito, para todas las familias que deseen utilizar esa opción. 

Limpieza y desinfecciónlimpieza

Nuestro equipo de limpieza va a  aumentar significativamente la desinfección de los espacios públicos y las superficies de alto contacto en nuestros edificios y durante todo el día escolar. También proporcionaremos un mayor acceso a materiales de limpieza para nuestros maestros y personal para que puedan limpiar y desinfectar espacios, según sea necesario.

Medidas de salud y seguridad Se

tomarán las temperaturas de los estudiantes y del personal y se harán esfuerzos para mantener a los estudiantes en cohortes para limitar el número de personas con las que los estudiantes están en contacto. También crearemos direcciones unidireccionales o áreas designadas en las escuelas para mantener el distanciamiento social. Los estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria usarán mochilas en lugar de casilleros para limitar la congestión del pasillo. Aumentaremos el número de períodos de almuerzo para reducir el número de estudiantes en las cafeterías a la vez. 

Atletismo y actividades extracurriculares

En este momento, planeamos ofrecer atletismo y actividades extracurriculares en el semestre de otoño. Es posible que sea necesario modificar las actividades, prácticas y horarios para garantizar que los estudiantes permanezcan físicamente distanciados y puedan mantener una higiene adecuada. Cada actividad se verá un poco diferente. Los entrenadores y asesores podrán proporcionar a los estudiantes y sus familias más información. 

Transporte y autobuses

Estamos trabajando en estrecha colaboración con nuestro proveedor de transporte contratado, Johnson School Bus Service, en un plan de transporte. Los planes serán próximos. 

Como se señaló, la información adicional y las respuestas a algunas preguntas están disponibles en el sitio web de CGBSD. Gracias por su continua paciencia y apoyo. También vamos a programar algunas preguntas en persona y sesiones de respuestas para padres. Mientras tanto, si está seguro de que va a elegir la opción en línea para sus hijos, o piensa que podría estar inclinándose en esa dirección, haga clic en el siguiente enlace y complete el formulario. Formulario de opción de escuela virtual (Hemos incluido una versión de papel) No tendrá que tomar esa decisión final hasta el registro a principios de agosto. Simplemente nos ayudará con nuestro proceso de planificación en cada nivel. 

Si tiene preguntas, preocupaciones o solamente quiere aprender más sobre nuestro plan para el año escolar, hay una reunión el Jueves (el 6 de agosto) a las seis de la noche en la escuela secundaria. Sr. Rodgers será allí que puede traducir que está dicho a español y responder a cualquier pregunta que tenga. 


Chad Brakke, Superintendente
920-668-8686 ext. 500


July 23, 2020

Earlier in July, the Cedar Grove-Belgium School District conducted a survey of families in the district. The survey, which asked a series of questions that provided information to assist the districts in its planning efforts, also included a series of questions related to the 2020-21 school year.

A total of 481 respondents took the survey. 

When asked about their preference for the fall:

  • 70.3% indicated they preferred their child go to school (in-person learning)

  • 14% said they would prefer to participate in a combination/blend of remote and in-person learning

  • 6.4% were unsure

  • 5.6% indicated they preferred students stay at home (remote learning only)

  • 2.8% said the question does not apply

  • 0.9% indicated “other”

Next, respondents were also asked, “For the 2020-21 school year, what are your top 3 priorities for the district?” For all respondents:

  • 93.8% selected “Ensuring academic progress of my child”

  • 13.6% selected “Providing childcare/adult supervision during the school day for my child”

  • 62% selected “Providing social connections/interaction with others for my child”

  • 30.6% selected “Offering sports and other co-curricular activities”

  • 40.2% selected “Supporting students' mental health needs”

  • 46.6% selected “Ensuring the safety of students and staff”

  • 3% selected “Does not apply”

Respondents were then presented with the following: “Currently, the CDC, State and County Health Departments are recommending, but not requiring masks when social distancing is not able to be maintained. The District will need to develop a policy for the upcoming school year. Do you believe the District should require all students to wear masks during the school day and at school-sponsored events when social distancing is not able to be maintained?”

A total of 34.4% of respondents selected “yes” and 63.2% selected “no.” A total of 2.3% selected “does not apply.”

Next, respondents were presented with the following: “Currently, the CDC, State and County Health Departments are recommending, but not requiring masks when social distancing is not able to be maintained. The District will need to develop a policy for the upcoming school year. Do you believe the District should require all staff to wear masks during the school day and at school-sponsored events when social distancing is not able to be maintained?”

A total of 36.5% of respondents selected “yes” and 60.6% selected “no.” A total of 2.9% selected “does not apply.”

This and other information from the survey has been used to develop the district’s return to school framework. 


May 18, 2020

I am writing to inform you of our end-of- the-year process to disburse student materials from lockers and school desks, while simultaneously collecting District- owned Chromebooks, textbooks, and other materials.  Monday, June 8, and Tuesday, June 9 will be the days for the exchange of materials.  To accommodate all students and families in a timely and efficient manner, we have organized these dates into specific time periods and alphabetical last name listing of students.  Based on the beginning letter of each student’s last name, we respectfully request that pick-up and exchange of materials occur to the greatest extent possible as detailed in the chart below.  We do recognize that given family schedules, this may not always be possible.  If necessary, you are welcome to come at a time that is more convenient for you.  We hope exchanges outside of the times listed below are more the exception than the rule, as many materials both coming in and going out  must be processed by our staff. 

Monday, June 8

10:00 a.m. to Noon

Last Names A-D

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Last Names E-H

3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Last Names I-L

Tuesday, June 9

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m

Last Names M-Q

10:00 a.m. to Noon

Last Names R-U

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m

Last names V-Z


Pick-up and drop-off of materials will occur in the driveway locations in front of each school building.  Families with students attending more than one school building will do so at each individual building.   All student desk and locker materials have already been collected and placed into bags with student names.  This will be a drive-up and drop-off process only.  Please have all school issued equipment available for returning, including:

  • Textbooks, library books, and other school issued equipment.

  • The Chromebook (case if issued), as well as the charger and power cord that was provided with each Chromebook.  In order that the District can continue to maintain the Chromebooks and reassign them for next year, fees will be assessed for any damaged or missing equipment.  

So as not to cause additional confusion and traffic with the materials exchange process, school lunch will not be served on June 8 or June 9.  The last day for student lunch distribution will be on Friday/June 5, 2020.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school principal. Thank you for your support of this end-of-year process.  Even in this limited fashion, we look forward to seeing many of you again!


Good Afternoon,

It has been a very difficult time for students, parents, teachers, and staff. We miss our normal and we miss what we had. For many, this time of virtual learning and the inability to be at school has changed so many things that we have been used to. Some of these changes have been simple interactions with each other and other changes have been system changing. Two very important components, the graduation ceremony and grades/GPAs, have been affected by the current situation. We have researched solutions for both of these topics and made decisions that are in the best interest of our students and families.

Here is a link to a video announcement/explanation of the following information.

On Wednesday Night, I presented the plan for our graduation ceremony at the school board meeting. The document outlining the plan can be found on the school website, specifically, the high school information page of the Stay Healthy - Stay Informed - Stay Connected page. Here is a link to that graduation plan document. I encourage you to read through the explanation. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. These are the important dates to remember. We will hold these dates for a possible in-person graduation ceremony to the extent possible.

  • Sunday, June 7 - in person graduation if we are able to do so under State guidelines.
  • Sunday, July 12 - in-person graduation if we are able to do so under State guidelines.
  • Sunday, August 2 - in-person graduation if we are able to do so under State guidelines. If it is not possible to hold an in-person graduation on August 2, we will conduct a virtual graduation on this date.

At the Wednesday, May 13 meeting, the School Board also approved the plan for grades/GPAs procedures that we will be implementing for the second semester. The document can be found on the same high school information page or by clicking on this link to the Virtual Learning - Grading Procedures - Spring 2020 document. I encourage you to read through this document for a full explanation and further clarification of course completion, grades, and GPAs. A brief summary of the procedures is as follows:

The second semester grade will be determined using the following weights/percentages.

  • Third quarter will be weighted at 67% of the semester grade.
  • Fourth quarter will be weighted at 33% of the final grade.
  • There will be no semester exam that will be factored into the final grade.

Students will be assigned a letter grade at the conclusion of the semester, but have the option to change any grade to a Pass/Incomplete, by June 30. Only letter grades will factor into a student's GPA.

The last day for seniors is May 29. Seniors that have not met the requirements to complete all courses will be required to attend school until all work is completed, thus meeting those graduation requirements. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will have no new content delivered after June 2. June 5th will be the last day of school for all students who have completed academic coursework in all subject areas.  For those students who have not completed work or courses, attendance will be required on June 8 and June 9 to work individually with their teachers to complete the necessary course requirements. 

If individual circumstances prevent students from achieving this goal by June 9, an individualized plan for completion will be developed. School personnel will work collaboratively with students and parents to provide the support needed for each student to achieve course completion during the summer months.

Thank you for your patience in these two important decisions. Keep working hard to complete work, meet standards, and learn virtually. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Stay Healthy,

Mr. Josh Ketterhagen, High School Principal



Summer School 2020:  The Cedar Grove-Belgium School District will not be offering summer school in June and July of 2020. This decision was based with the best interest of students and families in mind.  Our staff will continue to monitor the current COVID-19 situation from now through July to consider offering beneficial summer school programming in August.  These offerings could serve as critical pieces in helping students be prepared for next school year.  Deciding on when and how summer school may be offered in August is a decision that will be made by the Board and Administration during the month of July. Potential summer school offerings will be considered after a thorough understanding and assessment is done of the pandemic situation in the State of Wisconsin. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Summer School Principal Jeff Kondrakiewicz at Thank you for your continued support of Cedar Grove-Belgium Schools!

Jeff Kondrakiewicz
Cedar Grove-Belgium Elementary Principal
(920) 668-8518, extension 301,


"You can not get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.  What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

~Jane Goodall


Dear Cedar Grove-Belgium Parents and Families,

The following dates have been determined for the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year:


May 29                    Last day for Seniors

June 2                     Last day teachers will present new content material

                                to students in grades 4K-11

June 3-4-5               End of year wrap-up days:  completion of class projects,

                                 presentations, activities and assignments

June 8 & 9               Students who have incomplete assignments or coursework 

                                will work with their teachers toward completion on these 


Beginning the week of June 8th,  families will be assigned a date and time to retrieve their students locker/desk materials and to turn in District Chromebooks.  The drop-off and pick-up of materials will be done curbside at each school building.  Students and parents will not be allowed to enter the buildings.  Families with children attending in multiple schools will be assigned a common date and time frame within which to accomplish drop-off and pick-up for all children in the family.  More information regarding this schedule will be forthcoming to each family later in May.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding this planning for your child, please do not hesitate to contact your child's principal, or Dr. Martin.

We hope these planning dates will help you, and your child, prepare for a smooth conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year!      


Dear Cedar Grove-Belgium Staff, Students, Parents and Community,

As you are likely aware, Governor Evers has extended the Safer At Home order for the State of Wisconsin until 8:00 a.m. on May 26.  In addition to this order, the Governor has declared that all Wisconsin public and private schools will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  While schools may be "physically" closed, the delivery of educational programming and services to Cedar Grove-Belgium students will continue until the end of the school calendar year. As the State of Wisconsin Superintendent, Carolyn Stanford Taylor, has written, 

“The closure of school buildings does not mean the end of services to children. The Department of Public Instruction remains committed to supporting schools and districts as they continue to care for their students, advance continuity of learning, provide meals for students, plan for the remainder of the year, and begin to plan for summer school opportunities and next fall due to COVID-19."

At this time, the Cedar Grove-Belgium Administration and staff will begin planning for the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year, under these current circumstances.  It is likely that many Spring activities that otherwise would have occurred will be cancelled, or modified for virtual delivery. One activity that will NOT be cancelled, however, is High School graduation for our 2020 graduating class.  This event may be modified by date, or method of delivery, but as promised in an earlier letter, we will find an appropriate and meaningful way to celebrate with our senior class. In the coming days and weeks, Mr. Ketterhagen and his staff will be reaching out to the members of the class of 2020 to gather input, review options, and finalize plans.  Look for future communications regarding Graduation 2020 coming directly from Mr. Ketterhagen.

 The District is also in the process of discussing summer school options for the upcoming summer.  It is our intent to have summer school. We just have not finalized how, or in what format, that will be able to occur.  Look for more information regarding summer school to come from Mr. Jeff Kondrakiewicz in early May.

I know that I speak for all Cedar Grove-Belgium staff members, when I express our deepest regret in not being able to be physically present with our students at the conclusion of this school year.  We all look forward to the day when our school hallways are filled with the sounds of students once again! Until then, we will move forward with our virtual instruction, seeing one another across our computer screens, and knowing that we are helping to keep everyone safer by doing so.

Wishing you all the best for your continued health and safety,   

Dr. Claire Martin


CGB will not be serving a grab and go lunch on Good Friday (4/10). We will serve on Monday for Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday for Wednesday and Thursday. 

Thank You!


Food Service
Internet Devices & Support
Elementary School Instruction
Middle School Instruction
High School Instruction
SPED Instruction


Cedar Grove-Belgium School District Summer School 

As the calendar turns to April, several families have been inquiring about the District's plan for Summer School. At this time, the decision on Summer School for June 2020 has been postponed until May 1.  Watch the District's website for information regarding this upcoming decision.  The District is discussing potential options for some summer school offerings to occur in early August.  The decision regarding an August 2020 Summer School schedule will be made on, or before, July 1.  Once again, please watch the District's website for announcements regarding Summer School offerings.  It remains our hope that we will be able to provide Summer School 2020 programming, but the current health directives, at the time, will be needed to guide our decisions.  Thank you for your understanding.   

Dr. Claire Martin, Superintendent


Beginning on Monday, April 6 there will be a mobile food pantry set up from 11am to 1pm at the turnaround by the CG-B District Office AND near the concession stand at the Belgium Park.  This is the same time the CG-B lunch pick up will occur at the Middle School and the Fire Station in Belgium, so families in need can stop by either mobile food pantry location for curbside pickup at that time as well.  Boxes of food will be distributed from 11am-1pm on Mondays of each week until further notice.

The mobile food pantry is coordinated by the CG-B Food Pantry with boxes of food provided by the Sheboygan Food Bank.  The goal is to help those families in need that have had their employment and overall situations affected by COVID-19. Food is available to any CG-B families and residents.  

If a family is in need but unable to pick up from the mobile food pantry on Mondays, please contact Sally Ketterhagen at  


We have had a great turnout for our Grab and Go lunch program!  In order to better service our community, we would like to gather some feedback as to how many students will be utilizing this service each week.  We ran out of what we thought was a good number of prepared lunches today within a half hour of opening our pick up service.  We want to prepare as many lunches as our students will need.  Please take this short survey as soon as possible to assist us with our planning.  The next pick up day will be this Wednesday, April 1 at the middle school entrance. 
Tammy Peiffer and Food Service Staff





Beginning on Monday, March 30 there will be a mobile food pantry set up from 11am to 1pm at the turnaround by the CG-B District Office.  This is the same time the CG-B lunch pick up will occur at the Middle School, so families in need can come by the District Office turnaround for curbside pickup at that time as well.  Boxes of food will be distributed from 11am-1pm on Mondays of each week until further notice.

The mobile food pantry is coordinated by the CG-B Food Pantry with boxes of food provided by the Sheboygan Food Bank.  The goal is to help those families in need that have had their employment and overall situations affected by COVID-19. Food is available to any CG-B families and residents.  

If a family is in need but unable to pick up from the mobile food pantry on Mondays, please contact Sally Ketterhagen at  



Dear Cedar Grove-Belgium Parents/Families,

 Welcome to the start of Spring Break 2020.  I am certain that when this week was planned well over a year ago on the 2020 calendar, this was not the week anyone could have imagined we would find ourselves facing. 

 The world, as we know it, has changed and there is no playbook for what we are experiencing.  I know that this time of uncertainty gives rise to increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness and fear.  I want to remind you that you, and your children, are not alone in that regard. While we are currently living in a virtual world, the CGB teaching and counseling staff are "here" to support you and your children in any way possible.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to them in the coming days and weeks ahead. We will do our very best to provide you with any resources that we have available. Together, we are stronger and that applies equally to the virtual world as it did to the physical world!

 Special thanks to all students and parents that participated in Connectivity Day on Thursday, March 19.  We had strong participation with almost every student/family connecting virtually with their classroom teachers.  We are encouraged by this first step in delivering K-12 virtual education. The teaching staff is looking forward to connecting with their students daily, although differently, beginning on Monday, March 30.  We ask for your patience as we get these "new wheels" rolling from underneath us. I am certain that within a short time, we will have established a sound structure and rhythm of delivery without being overwhelming in nature.  If at any time, you find your child(ren) struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher, principal, or me. We are here to help and support one another in any way we can.

 While there are many uncertainties swirling around us, there are some things that we do know for certain.  We know that social distancing, good hygiene and hand washing are effective against the virus spread, and that the Cedar Grove-Belgium Community will support one another through this.  At this time, almost all CGB staff members are currently working virtually. Maintenance staff members are sanitizing the facilities, and our food service workers are preparing free lunches for any child under age 18.  Lunches will be served on M-W-F (of any day that school would regularly have been in session). The next day of the Grab & Go lunch program will be Monday, March 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. Pick-up locations are in front of the main entrance of the Middle School in Cedar Grove and at the Fire Station in Belgium. Meals are on a “first come, first served” basis.  As you know, all other non-essential activities are suspended in our facilities at this time. But when we are allowed to come back - we will be back, stronger than ever and eager to see, in person, our students and families once again.

 To our Cedar Grove-Belgium seniors, these are not the circumstances that anyone would have wanted for the final months of your senior year.  But know that if you complete your work online, fulfill the requirements of your coursework as established by your teachers that you will graduate.  These are times that are requiring us to think differently, do differently and find creative solutions to new problems. We will rely on your leadership and ingenuity, as well, as we move through the school year in the coming weeks/months ahead.  We are uncertain as to when school will resume. But when it does resume, we will return to our traditional ways, or if needed, find new, and meaningful ways to celebrate your senior year accomplishments in the Cedar Grove-Belgium Schools. Your input into those processes will be important.  

 I am hoping you will find many moments of enjoyment and gratitude during our Spring Break week ahead.  Hopefully, this week will allow you to take a breath, and relax a bit before our virtual educational programming begins.

All the best to you and yours,        

Dr. Claire Martin


Collection of Mental Health & Support Services



Today, March 18, at 1:00 pm all buildings of the CGBSD will close. There will be no public access until further notice. Only essential personnel will have access to the buildings.


Dear Parents/Caregivers:

These are certainly challenging times filled with uncertainty and concern that are impacting our community, state, and the entire country.   As the Cedar Grove Belgium School District moves to providing classes on line, your children may have questions about the reasons behind the closing of school.  Below, are some resources for you to use as you discuss this situation with your children. This information includes content for children of all ages, including a comic zine that older children can make and videos of proper handwashing techniques for younger children.

  1. Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019: Messages for parents, school staff, and others working with children 

  1. How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus 

  1. Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

  1. Dirty Hands can be Scary 

  1. Daniel the Tiger Handwashing Video 

 Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak 

Home schooling or distance learning can be stressful. One recommendation is to keep your children on a schedule during the school day. Kids respond to routines. Take the time to create a routine with your children. It will keep them engaged and give them ownership over their education.

Take good care, be well, we are in this together!

Ann Van Eerden MSN, MS, RN, NCSN, CNE
School Nurse
Cedar Grove Belgium School District





Staff will plan and deliver instruction in a virtual environment to provide quality learning experiences for students in the event of extended school closure, to minimize the disruption of an extended school closure. 

  • Tues 3/17 - staff only on site
  • Wed 3/18 and Friday 3/20 - virtual prep for e-learning (staff prep)
  • Thurs 3/19 - Teachers connect remotely with students. (No instruction)
  • March 20 - March 27: Spring Break - No School Expectations
  • March 30-April 3rd - school resumes via virtual learning.
  • April 6th and beyond - return to on site instruction or continue virtual learning based on direction from Public Health, State or Federal Government directives


  • Staff will take home school-issued devices (if applicable) along with all materials needed to plan for and deliver instruction. Any staff needs in this area should be communicated with Anthony Summers, or your building principal.

-Check email regularly during work day (email will serve as our primary source of staff communication.)
-Check voicemail each work day and respond within 24 hours.
-Consider any electronic file access needs which should be addressed prior to leave.

  • Beyond Tuesday, March 17, teachers are not required to report to their buildings, but they may come in if they would like.
  • Learning resources must be available to all students, including those without internet access. 
  • Please maintain a healthy work/life balance. Keep lines of communication open between all departments and consult your building principal.
  • All staff with SPED students in their courses are expected to consult with SPED case managers around instruction and support. 
  • All staff will participate in weekly building meetings (via Google Meet or in person). Specific times will be communicated at the building level.
  • Building principals will provide additional details around office hours, resources, etc. for each specific building.
  • Staff will establish consistent office hours and relay those to students and families.


  • All students need to take the following home:  
    -Chromebooks and chargers
    All essential class materials
  • Students attend school on Monday 3/16.  School closure at the end of instructional day.
  • Thursday, March 19 - students connect with their classroom teachers.  This will be initiated by the teachers. Please respond at their request. 
  • March 20 - March 29: Spring Break - No School Expectations
  • Students attend full school days virtually beginning on Monday, March 30 and continuing until we return to on-site instruction.
    -The format of the days will be developed and communicated at the building level.
    -Attendance expectation details are described below 
  • Students communicate with teachers during office hours (questions, concerns, clarification, etc.). These will be established by each building.
  • Students will check courses and email each morning.
  • Students will complete work for each class (daily or Day 1/Day 2) as assigned by each teacher.
  • Teachers will track attendance by work completed each class and/or by checking in during class.
  • Chromebook questions or difficulty - email Ms. Engevold at 


  • All modifications and accommodations will be provided for students per usual.
  • Equal access to educational opportunities provided to all students through special education services determined in student’s IEP.


  • In order for a student to be considered “present,” he/she needs to complete learning activities for each class by the date identified by the teacher.
  • Parents may excuse students as they normally would by contacting the appropriate school office, and students would continue to be subject to district/state attendance parameters. 



Tammy Peiffer, Food Nutrition Manager
920-668-8686 ext. 237

Office Hours: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

Dear Cedar Grove-Belgium  Families:

While schools are closed, CGBSD’s Food Service program will be providing FREE meals to ALL children age 18 and under. (you do not need to qualify for free and reduced lunch) Wednesday, March 18th  families will be able to drive-thru or walk up to receive their grab-and-go meals between 11:00 -1:00, at that time a lunch will be provided for both Wednesday and Thursday. We will start up again after Spring Break on March 30th. 

Meal pick-up locations: 

1. Main entrance of Middle School. 2. Belgium Fire Department (East Entrance) 195 Commerce Street.

Children will receive a grab-and-go lunch.  Meals are available to all children, not just those attending CGBSD. 

This program is solely for the pick-up of meals; meals will not be consumed on-site. We encourage families to continue to be proactive in reducing the risk of COVID-19 by not congregating at the pick-up locations. Continue to wash your hands often, sneeze or cough into a tissue or elbow, and stay home if you are sick. 

Program locations and times subject to change. Meals available while supplies last. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


The Cedar Grove Belgium School District is closed starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17, 2020 for all District students. Given the most recent directive from Governor Evers regarding the restriction on gatherings of 50 people or more, to include schools, the Cedar Grove Belgium Schools are closed until further notice. Parents/Families: For the latest school information related to the school closure, or for resources that may be helpful to you during this time, please refer to this Website. 

Thank you, Dr. Claire Martin



The Cedar Grove-Belgium School District WILL BE open for students on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17.

The District will be closed beginning on Wednesday, March 18 for all CGB students.

All CGB staff members will report to work on Wednesday, March 18, per their usual schedule. This day will be utilized by teaching staff members to prepare for the move toward an online learning platform.

On Thursday, March 19, teachers will be connecting with their students utilizing the online learning platforms. The purpose of this day will simply be to establish connections and provide support, as needed, for families/students to virtually connect.

Parents/students will not be expected to connect to school virtually on Friday, March 20.  This will be a planning day for all staff members.

Beginning on Monday, March 30 (the Monday after Spring Break) teachers WILL BE  delivering online instruction to all CGB students.


Food Service
Internet Devices & Support
Elementary School Instruction
Middle School Instruction
High School Instruction
SPED Instruction