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Cedar Grove-Belgium School District
November, 2017

The Cedar Grove-Belgium School District R News and Highlights is our way of keeping community members informed about the great things taking place in our schools

Dr. Jeanne Courneene, Superintendent


Members of the CGBSD Board of Education
Thank you for 47 years of service to our students, staff, and community members!

  • Chad Hoopman, President - 9 years of service
  • Nancy Niebauer, Vice President - 4 years of service
  • Aileen Dahlke, Cleark - 17 years of service
  • Lori Gruell, Treasurer - 3 years of service
  • Dan Bruhn, Member - 6 years of service
  • Laura Schieffer, Member - 5 years of service
  • Kurt Kraus, Member - 2 years of service


Karen Halleman, Grade 1        
Melissa Doherty, Grade 3
Shane Jach, Grade 4

Melissa Ackley  Elementary Art
Lynne Zimmermann - Elementary Music  
Kelly Dzurick, Middle School Principal
Michelle Burton, High School Biology


             CGBSD Recognized for its Wellness Efforts
The Cedar Grove-Belgium School District was recognized by Humana for its commitment to building trophya culture of well-being and helping employees live healthier lives. The recognition resulted from reaching a benchmark of at least 60% of our employees obtaining silver status as part of Humana’s Go365 employee wellness program. Our employees continue to embrace the wellness challenges and opportunities.

Building a Learning Culture

A task before the staff and administration is building a learning culture throughout the school district in all of our schools. As part of building a district-wide learning culture, emphasis will be on the following:

  • promoting a growth mindset among students
  • providing clarity in daily lessons about what exactly it is student will be learning
  • providing necessary supports so that all students are performing at or above grade level
  • utilizing a consistent instructional framework, and creating responsive school cultures that recognize “one size does not fit all”.

We have students with learning, social, physical, and mental health challenges. A learning culture understands not all students learn the same way, at the same speed, or with the same academic prerequisite skills. In addition, some of our students may experience home lives that are counterproductive to academic success. Collectively, we can help all of our students overcome obstacles and achieve in many areas at high levels.

images (1).jpgPositive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a schoolwide system of support implemented in over 24,000 schools throughout the country. The PBIS framework is a way to define, teach and support appropriate behavior to create a positive school environment.  Consistency of expectations, focus on positive behaviors and implementation in classroom and non-classroom settings are three of the keys to making PBIS part of a positive school culture. Historically, schoolwide discipline was mainly about reacting to student misbehavior with loss of privileges and punishment; however, researchers found this wasn’t entirely effective and set out to find a more effective way to approach behavior in schools.  Today we define, teach and acknowledge appropriate school behavior, so students learn valuable soft skills that are important in our world and the workplace.  In addition, schools that implement PBIS have been shown to have higher academic achievement.  In sum, teachers have more time to teach and students have more opportunities to learn.

Our school district began implementation of PBIS at the elementary and middle school levels in the 2010-2011 school year and the high school jumped on board in 2014-15. Each building has leadership teams that consistently use data at monthly meetings to determine next steps in implementation. One the biggest tasks initially was for each team to determine their key expectations and then create a matrix to clearly define what is expected for different locations throughout the school. Throughout each building, posters stating and explaining the expectations are placed in areas where students and staff can reference them.  

While the framework for PBIS is the same, each building has their own stamp and three key expectations.  

Elementary School--We are safe, respectful, and responsible. 
Middle School--Where respect, responsibility and kindness matter.
High school--”R Code” which focuses on respect, responsibility and citizenship.


Fitness Center
The fitness center continues to be positive impact for both the students as well as the community.  The hours have changed slightly as we have opened for both community members as well as students at 3 p.m. and continue to close at 8 p.m.  We have quite a few of our students that are taking advantage of the early time slot as well which is nice to see.  Classes continue to run with much success.  Cycle class and boot camp have continued to draw in attendees.  Yoga and body pump have been added to the schedule with much positive feedback!

Please feel free to contact Leslie Mundt with any questions regarding the fitness center!


School Calendar Reminders:

Friday, November 17 - No Students (Staff In-Service Day - full day)
Wednesday, November 22 - No School (Parent-Teacher Conferences Comp. Day)

Thursday, November 23 - Thanksgiving Holidaycalendar
Friday, November 24 - Thanksgiving Holiday
December 25 - January 1 - Winter Break   
Wednesday, January 17 - End of the 2nd Quarter/First Semester



District Website

Please visit the CGBSD website at www.cgbsd.com to uncover district and school information, news, and highlights. The school district website serves as our hub for communication.


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